This site is the distillation of hundreds of voyages to Antarctica, thousands of Zodiac excursions and years and years on the ice. It has been assembled as the collective knowledge of a group of expedition staff who go to Antarctica every year and love the whole polar experience. The coordinator is David McGonigal. No matter the contributor, much of the information here was born as a talk given as the ship bounced and rolled its way over the Southern Ocean or cruised in good seas and bad across the Drake Passage. A lot of it has ended up in books and newspapers as well as blogs and letters home.

We know that Antarctica changes your life. That’s true, not just for those of us that are here professionally, but for everyone who ever visits. Before you go there’s a lot to learn and plan for. When you get back you want to share your experiences and learn more. That’s our goal for this site – it will evolve as we have the time to add more features and as we learn what our visitors to the site want. Please let us know. Meanwhile, see you on the ice.

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