5 April 2014

Falkland Islanders replied with a picture of King penguins to Argentine President Cristina Fernandez claims that the Falklands had become NATO’s largest base in the South Atlantic and was equipped with missiles that could reach any of the region’s countries, and also had “nuclear weapons”.


“The Falklands are the NATO largest military base in the South Atlantic”, said Cristina Fernandez on the 32nd anniversary of the beginning of the Malvinas conflict when Argentine military invaded and occupied the Falklands, 2 April 1982.

Falklanders replied with the penguins’ photo and a line saying “our nuclear missiles”.

Using Twitter @falklands_utd a group of Falklanders showed the picture of the King penguins, a common sight in Gypsy Cove and Volunteer Point for tourists visiting the Islands, adding that ”Argentina recently intercepted this pic of our ‘nuclear missiles’. They turned out to be penguins.

The Tweet was followed by others saying that the Falklands voted to remain as a British Overseas Territory; that the Islanders and UK will continue to defend freedom and that the Falklands were British long before Argentina emerged into existence as a country.

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