Study reveals ocean island’s rich biodiversity – Sep 27 2011 – British Antarctic Survey – Labmate Online.


Weed in foreground is Himantothallus
grandifolius. Background is Macrocystis
pyrifera and fur seal (Arctocephalus
gazelle). Location Husvik

Study reveals ocean island’s rich biodiversity

A study around the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia by a team from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has revealed a biologically rich marine region greater than even many tropical sites. Funded by the British Government’s Darwin Initiative and the South Georgia Heritage Trust, the team examined over 130 years of polar records, highlighting
about 1500 species from around South Georgia and its surrounding islands.

Lead author Oliver Hogg from BAS said: “The biodiversity of South Georgia exceeds that of its nearest rivals such as the Galapagos and Equador in terms of the number of species inhabiting its shores. During the breeding season it hosts the densest mass of marine mammals on Earth.”

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