Northern Antarctic Peninsula
Not visited as much as it should be.
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Why Visit?

The back of Cierva Cove is a massive glacial face, which regularly calves ice into the bay.  This spot is one of the best Zodiac cruising locations along the Northern part of the Antarctic peninsula, specifically for the glacial face and icebergs and brash ice that collects in the bay.  Cierva Cove has some of the densest grass, moss and lichen cover of any site on the peninsula, and if you can get past the ice near to the north facing cliffs, it can be quite spectacular.



Where is it?

Located at the far Northern end of Hughes Bay, Cierva Cove is open to the northern end of the Gerlache Strait.



A straight forward Zodiac cruise, there are usually very few challenges beyond too much ice.



Seals are regularly found on the ice floes within Cierva Cove, and Crabeater, Weddell and Leopard seals are usually found by those willing to look.  Fur seals will be common later in the season, when Humpback whales may also be found in the area.  The cove is almost all icecliffs, and no penguins make the cove itself home.  Areas to the South and West that do house breeding penguins are largely off limits in an Antarctic Specially Protected Area.


Human activities

The Argentine base Primavera is located within the Antarctic Specially Protected Area.  This small station was built in 1977, and is only occupied for part of the year.

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