Errera Channel.
Good for a chance to gain some elevation for a view over the Errera Channel

Why Visit?

Danco Island is in the middle of the beautiful Errara Channel and is home to a large number of Gentoo penguins.  Some of Antarctic’s best Zodiac cruising is right around the island, and if you get the timing right and the snow and penguins make it easy for you, climbing to the top of the island for the views can be one of the best things you will do in Antarctica.


Where is it?

In the middle of the Errera Channel, between Ronge Island and the Arctowski Peninsula along the Graham Land coast of the Antarctic peninsula.



This small island, about 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) long and 590 feet (180 meters) high was first charted by de Gerlache in 1898., It was named by Britain for Lieutenant Émile Danco, the Belgian geologist who died of a heart attack aboard the Belgica while it was trapped in the ice of the Bellingshausen Sea.



None.  This landing site is one of the best sheltered spots in Antarctica.  If you choose not to climb, there is still plenty to watch and do.



More than 2,000 pairs of breeding Gentoo penguins occupy the slopes behind the northern coast of Danco Island.  Weddell seals are almost always present on the offshore rocks and beaches, and the Errera Channel is a favourite haunt of Humpback and Minke whales towards the end of the summer.


Human activities

The concrete stumps of what was British Base ‘O’ are still to be found along the beach; this was one of the British Antarctic Survey’s huts erected for survey and geological work.  The hut was occupied from Feb 1956 until only Feb 1959, but not dismantled until 2004.

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