E. of James Ross Island
Rarely visited.
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Why Visit?

Devil has an Adelie penguin colony clinging to the side of a steep hill that is definitely worth the visit – the slope makes it is easy to see into the middle of the nesting groups to watch the action.  There is also a great walk up to the top of one of the ‘horns’ of the devil with great views of Cape Well-met and most of Vega Island as well as Trinity Peninsula.  This little island has some of Antarctica’s most stunning views.

Where is it?

On the remote eastern side of the Antarctic Peninsula, Devil snuggles up close to the northern shores of Vega Island in Erebus and Terror Gulf, which is about as far south as most ships can get most years.


Boat drivers will be challenged by an offshore reef and expansive shallow waters depending on the time of the tide.  Once ashore, getting off the narrow beach onto the slope can be a bit tricky, and those who like their views at sea level will prefer to pass on the walk up the hill.


This is a great place to view Adelies in a very relaxed fashion.  The slope lends itself to planting yourself and watching the world go by, which is always a good thing to do near penguins.  With around 8,000 pairs of penguins, this moderately-sized colony will be busy even later in the season as chicks fledge and everybody starts to head to sea for winter.

Human activities

The island was discovered by Nordenskjold’s 1901-1904 expedition, and with Cape Well-met only one mile Northwest on Vega Island, some of the Swedish saga was played out nearby.

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