Gerlache Strait
It provides an interesting Zodiac cruise in beautiful Wilhelmina Bay.
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Why Visit?

This little island holds one of the few physical remains of man’s occupation of Antarctica, the wreck of the whaling vessel Gouvernoren in little Foyn Harbour.  Only its bow is above water, the rest of the vessel is only visible if you look under the water on calm days.  This area was heavily utilised by whalers from around 1915 to 1930, and there are a few other artefacts from those times scattered around the shoreline if you look closely.  The small scale and human aspect makes this a great spot to putter around in small boats, taking time to explore nooks and crannies and imagine life as an Antarctic whaler.

Where is it?

Enterprise Island is a small lump of rock next to Nansen Island, on the northern edge of Wilhelmina Bay and exposed to the Gerlache Strait.


This island is generally pretty low-key, with few challenges unless you decide to land on one of the tiny spurs of rock.


The wreck of the Gouvernoren seems to be a second home to an Antarctic tern colony and there is also a small Antarctic cormorant colony in the area.  Weddell seals rest on many of the rocky little beaches and Antarctic fur seals will visit later in the year.  Quite a lot of wildlife passes by this little island, and the whales that originally attracted people to the area are back in big numbers and often found nearby at the end of the summer.

Human activities

The island was first surveyed by Lester & Bagshawe, the two men who overwintered in Paradise Harbour 1921-1922, and the name is thought to commemorate the enterprise of the whalers that worked in this region between 1915 and 1930.

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