Just north of the Antarctic Circle
Used as a break on the voyage to or from the Circle
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Why Visit?

The Fish Islands are one of the few places you can usually get a zodiac in the water for cruising when passing between the Antarctic Circle and more northerly locations.  Beautiful scenery and Adelie penguins make this a great location.

Where is it?

Off Prospect Point on the Graham Coast, the Fish Islands are between Crystal Sound to the south and Grandidier Channel to the north, sheltered to the east of Renoud Island.


Its southerly location puts it in an area full of ice, and these small islands offer little by way of landing space.


The Fish Islands and the Minnows, small islets to the east, are occupied by approximately 4,000 breeding pairs of Adelie penguins, and there is a small Antarctic shag colony.

Human activities

Very isolated and tucked away, the Fish Islands were not charted until the 1930s and hasn’t attracted much attention since then.

Photos, Voting and more coming soon!

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