NE Marguerite Bay
Not often visited, due to ice and distance
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Why Visit?

This is one of the British military’s Operation Tabarin bases, Base Y.  Last occupied in 1969, the buildings are in very good shape and give a good impression of what life must have been like when the base was running.

Where is it?

In Marguerite Bay, off the Fallieres Coast, just southeast of Pourquoi Pas Island


If the ice allows approach to the island, it I generally a straightforward landing.  There is a lot of large cobblestone walking, but slopes are generally easy.


No penguin colonies are nearby, but skuas and Kelp gulls nest on the island.

Human activities

This area was not explored until John Rymill lead the British Graham Land Expedition, using aerial surveying to map along the peninsula over 1936 and 1937.

Not long after, Operation Tabarin established their base in the 1940s, which was continuously occupied from 1955 to 1960, then again briefly in 1969.

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