Penola Strait
Often overlooked for nearby sites.
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Why Visit?

Hovgaard offers a personal experience of Antarctica – it has no big, spectacular sites, but many small bays and snow domes to land on, with brilliant views across Penola Strait to the mountains of the continent.

Where is it?

Hovgaard is just south of Booth Island, the island that forms the western side of the Lemaire Channel, and is part of the Wilhelm Archipelago.


The shoreline of Hovgaard can be a bit tough, but once on shore, the island is gently sloping smooth rock and snow.


There are no large penguin colonies on Hovgaard, but the ubiquitous skuas and Kelp gulls are around.  Seals will haul out, especially Weddell seals, and Antarctic fur seals later in the season.

Human activities

Hovgaard was first discovered by Dallmann, during the German expedition of 1873-1874.  Dallmann named the island Krogmann, but when Gerlache came through between 1897 and 1899 and the Belgians named it Hovgaard, somehow that name was adopted and Krogmann left to languish.

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