Gerlache Strait
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Why Visit?

Hydrurga Rocks are a couple of small islets in the middle of nowhere, and they are best used to sit and take in the broad sweep of Antarctica around you.  The rocks are also a good location to visit with nesting Chinstrap penguins.

Where is it?

On the eastern side of Two Hummock Island, in the northern Gerlache Strait.


These little rocks are very exposed, and landings can start with a slippery slope; there is usually some climbing involved to reach the penguin colonies.


Approximately 800 Chinstrap penguin nests are spread around the low rocky islets, which are also routinely visited by Weddell seals.

Human activities

These little rocks are small enough to have escaped attention from most visitors to Antarctica.  The first recorded sightings of the rocks were in aerial surveys in 1956.  Hydrurga Rocks were named by the British in 1960 for the Leopard seal, Hydrurga leptonyx, which was probably spotted offshore waiting for dinner to come swimming.

Photos, Voting and more coming soon!

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