Port Lockroy (see also Goudier Is)
Extremely popular as a shared landing with Port Lockroy
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Why Visit?

This location, right next door to Goudier Island in Port Lockroy, has a very accessible Gentoo penguin colony and Antarctic cormorant colony.  There are also whalebones that make great photographic subjects when exposed from the snow later in the season.  Views are spectacular.

Where is it?

Jougla Point is in Port Lockroy, on the western side of Wiencke Island, looking into the Neumayer Channel.


None.  If the snow is not too deep, barring a possible two step scramble to avoid the tide, this is an easy landing site to negotiate.


There are just over 1,500 pairs of breeding Gentoo penguins crammed onto Jougla Point, as well as around 25 breeding pairs of Antarctic cormorants.

Human activities

Nearby Goudier Island has had plenty of human activity since being discovered by Charcot’s French Antarctic Expedition of 1903-1905, but Jougla Point has not had as much human impact.

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