Behind Spigot Peak
Good for zodiac cruising and to see Chinstrap penguins.
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Why Visit?

Antarctic shags and Chinstrap penguins nest not far above the waterline and can be observed quite closely from zodiacs; a small landing area deeper into the southern bay gives access to a short but energetic climb to a saddle for a view over the Errera Channel and beyond.

There are two parts to the harbor, and although there are no other landing sites and not much wildlife, it offers some excellent views of mountains and glaciers from cruising zodiacs.

Where is it?

On the northwestern side of the Arctowski Peninsula, the towering black spire of Spigot Peak marks the southern side of Orne Harbour. The 938 foot-high peak takes its name from its resemblance to a spigot, or cask plug.


The climb to the view from the saddle near Spigot Peak is short but steep and can be very icy, and is often guarded by fur seals later in the season.  If the wind is up, zodiacing conditions can be a bit rough out on the point in the Gerlache.


A thriving Chinstrap colony occupies the slopes of Spigot, going pretty much to the top, and Antarctic cormorants live on the lower slopes of the peak.

Human activities

Norwegian whalers are believed to have named Orne Harbor and Orne Islands between Gerlache Strait and Cuverville Island before 1913. Orne Harbor, discovered by de Gerlache in 1898, is a mere indentation on the west coast of Graham Land.

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